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Tips for Beginner Cyclists

If you are new to cycling, there are a lot of rules that may overwhelm you at first. If you intend to do city or trail biking, you realize that you cannot just be a free-wheeling kid who doesn’t give a care about the world. Now, you must follow road rules and make sure you are aware of your surroundings. As much as the vehicle should be responsible for driving, you, as a biker, should also be accountable because you both are sharing roads.

Getting scared of cycling is understandable. For one, you must learn how to change your tire’s interior if you get a flat tire. You must learn how to repair on your crank and brake system on the fly. There are these considerations that you must think of, that’s why for many, they would instead drive or take public transportation instead of biking.

But this is the reality that many every day and recreational bikers have to face. If you choose to bike, you must know how to help yourself on the road. With driving a car, you are covered by insurance so you can call a repair shop in times of need. However, when using a bike, you must be responsible for your actions. There is no repair shop or insurance center to call when you get a flat tire.

But these technicalities should not scare you when you schedule a bicycle tour. As with anything in life, it is always tricky at first. But in time, with practice and experience, you will know how to use and take care of your bike. It will eventually become second nature to you, that you might even forget about the first time you freaked out changing your tire.

There are so many rules to remember as a first-time road or trail biker, but what are the essential tips every cyclist must remember? Here are some tips that can help you become a better cyclist:

Familiarizing with the gear and brakes1. Know how the brake and gears work

The first thing you must do is to learn how to control your break and gears. Often, road and trail cyclists use multi-gear bikes that go up to 12 speeds. In case you’re not aware, in most bikes, the configuration goes that the right brake is for the front wheel, and the left brake is for the back wheel. Imagine the horror of you going downhill and hitting on your right brake for your front wheel. It is an accident that should have been easily avoided if you gave some time to get acquainted with your brake. Although you can change the configuration with the left brake for the front wheel, and the right brake for the back wheel, it is still best to be comfortable with this traditional setup because almost all rental bikes are set up this way.

Gears are even more complicated compared to brakes, and there are gears for the front and back wheels. Practice maneuvering your brake and speeds in a controlled space, like an empty parking lot.

2. Use a helmet every time you bike

This advice goes to all bikers all over the world. It may not look cool for you to wear a helmet while you bike with your office or casual clothes, but for safety’s sake, go for health over fashion even for once. The protection this one piece of equipment can provide is phenomenal, and so many bikers’ lives have been saved because of the use of a helmet.

3. Have a CO2 inflator on hand

Remember that we’ve talked about beginners chickening out of biking because of the need to learn how to repair their bikes? Well, guess, what, the CO2 inflator is every beginner and advanced biker’s best friend! The CO2 inflator allows you to directly plug in this small device on your tire’s lock, and then presto, you get a brand-new tire again. Although this proves to be helpful and convenient, it can be costly. Also, it is best for you to know how to repair your tire even without this device. But for beginners and racers, this is good news for sure.

Biking is such a fun activity, and the hurdles at the beginning should not stop you from enjoying it. Keep on practicing, and you will never look back!

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What’s All the Hype with TruBrain?

TruBrain is a lineup of nootropic supplements created by a group of the world’s top neuroscientists. TruBrain guarantees to upgrade mental capacity and capability, utilizing a variety of possible functions of the brain that would otherwise have been overlooked.

mental capacity enhancement with TruBrain“Brain drinks” are now gaining popularity, primarily due to the need to overstretch your time and energy in school, office, and at home. Not only drinks are being sold these days, but also snacks and foods enhanced to improve your memory capacity.

TruBrain has first appeared in the market back in 2012 when the introduction of nootropic supplements has just started. Five years on, TruBrain continues to amass a large following, thanks to great reviews on its efficacy (read the review here). It also helps that its developers are qualified neuroscientists who wish to defy the limitations of the human brain.

So, what makes TruBrain different from all the other nootropic supplements such as Ginkgo biloba and cholinergic? Is it any more effective because of what it contains, or is it popular just because of all the hype?

Here are some of the things you should know about TruBrain that can help you assess if you’re considering purchasing it:

What is TruBrain?

TruBrain is a new breed of mental-enhancing supplements that promise to increase the power of the brain through the infusion of natural herbs, vitamins, and minerals. A lot of nootropic supplements have come out on the market, but what sets TruBrain apart is its release of “Think Drinks,” bringing the pill into packaged liquid form.

What is TruBrain made of?

Here are the ingredients listed on every TruBrain package: Piracetam (3 grams), Acetyl-L-Carnitine (0.5 grams), CDP-Choline (0.25 grams), EPA & DHA (1.2 grams), Magnesium (0.2 grams), Pramiracetam (0.3 grams), L-Theanine (0.2 grams), and Tyrosine (0.35 grams). All these substances lean towards strengthening the function and pathway of nucleotides that support brain function. TruBrain manufacturers also promise that they only use organic ingredients.

How do you use TruBrain?

stay mentally sharp with nootropic supplementsTruBrain supplements come in pill and liquid form. For the pill form, you are required to take 11 pills a day: one pill as “extra boost,” six pills for the morning, and four more pills for the evening. For the liquid form, you must take one packet for the morning, and another pack for the night, at one ounce each. It is recommended that you try TruBrain for at least one month to see maximum results. The drinks are specially formulated to make it easier for you to drink it, so putting in a lot of thought in taste was important during the planning process. The formula comes in cranberry, pomegranate, and strawberry banana flavors.

TruBrain has gained worldwide popularity largely because of testimonials released by people who’ve used it. Some say they’ve passed their exams with ease because of this supplement, while others see a definite improvement with their productivity at work and in school.

These supplements do not come cheap, though. Twenty drinks are priced at $55, and truBrain is one of the most expensive nootropic vitamins currently available in the market.

If you think you need some push with your mental strength and capability, you can give TruBrain supplements a try. Many people have tried it and have seen its efficacy. Now it is your turn to see if it works for you, too.

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How to Choose the Right Gym for Your Needs

The social pressures to be fit are not new. The juice diet, the no-carb diet, high-intensity exercise, Pilates — each of these is a phenomenon of its own with adherents, books, and groups to boot.

With the health and fitness craze continuing to boom, thanks to social media, gyms have now become more creative in marketing their brands. Gone are the days of traditional advertising where companies sold their brands based on how they perceive it to be. These days, it is more of “You” advertising, with popularity adjudged through reviews, social media, and testimonials. Care should be drawn, though, with trusting these reviews, as companies have now become more creative with how they market themselves.

get fit in Dallas

With this wealth of data, how do you choose the right gym for you?

Here are the top three tips that can guide you when choosing your ‘perfect’ gym:

1. List down your priorities

Gyms usually have their specialties, but it is mainly up to you as to what you want to achieve. What are your fitness goals? What do you want to reach in 3, 6 and 12 months’ time? Do you want a gym that you and your friends can attend together; or, would you rather join one that is near your home but is far from your buddies? There are many things to consider, but the point of this priority listing is to check on what keeps you motivated, and how you can stay motivated with the help of a PT in Dallas, TX.

2. Visit the gym if you can

Online reviews may give you a glimpse of what the gym is like, but reviews are highly objective. What may be right for you may be bad for me, and vice versa. So, if you have the time, visit your prospective gyms. You do not only look for the right equipment, but you also check out the place, see if it is clean, and see if the gym offers a friendly atmosphere from where everyone can grow and thrive. Other gyms have a cutthroat competitive spirit in them and if you’re looking to have a fun time where you can laugh at your mistakes, avoid competitive gyms at all costs.

3. Sign up for a free trial

Most gyms offer trials for free or at discounted rates. Avail of them if you can. Trials are one of the best ways for you to get a glimpse of what the trainers and classes are like. Gyms can only talk about their strengths so much, and there is nothing better than walking the talk. Beware though, as some gyms offer free trials showcasing their ‘best’ classes, often staged to lure in potential customers into signing up. It’s easy to catch this, especially when the class is filled with a majority of free trial guests.

These top three tips: 1) Listing down your priorities; 2) Visiting the gym; and, 3) Signing up for a free trial, all zero in one thing: to see is to believe. There is nothing better than getting a feel for how the gym culture is like in your prospective club. No online review or online marketing can prove better than having you, yourself, the potential member, judging the gym for yourself.

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