Can You Train Your Singing Voice?

woman-receiving-singing-lessonsA lot of people think that good singers are born with a good singing voice. However, having a good singing voice is not something you are born with. While it is true that genetics play a major role to determine your voice’s sound, the truth of the matter is that you can train your voice the same was as you learn how to play other musical instruments.

You can train your singing voice through professional options like signing up for singing lessons or hiring a singing coach. There are also vocal training tips you can take into consideration to help you improve your singing voice. It doesn’t matter if your genre is in pop, jazz, opera, or even rap, the training tips for your vocal chords can help you improve your singing by leaps and bounds.

Warm Up

Training your singing voice is practically the same as any exercise. That is why it is recommended that you warm up your voice first. This is to prevent injuries. When you sing, your vocal chords will vibrate at a high frequency every second. If you don’t warm up properly, you’ll just strain or injure your vocal chords.

It only takes a couple of minutes to warm up. Just start with basic breathing exercises. After that, proceed to sing scales. Not only is singing scales helping you warm up your voice, but it is also helping you get used to the notes you will be singing.

Drink Lots of Water

Drinking lots of water is recommended simply because it is the easiest way to lubricate the vocal chords. If you don’t properly lubricate the vocal chords, your voice will get croaky. Just imagine your vocal chords as any high-speed rotor or machine. These machines must be applied with a lubricant to keep them working properly. The same can be said about your vocal chord which vibrates hundreds of times in a second when you sing.

Watch Your Posture

There is a correct posture to adopt when you are singing. If you have the proper posture for singing, then you should be able to utilize your diaphragm to the fullest. Remember that a good singer sings from their diaphragm. By standing properly, you can let the air flow through the vocal chords and throat freely.

The right posture for singing involves keeping your chest high, shoulders back, and chin parallel to the floor. The upper body should be nice and straight too. Be sure to relax your muscles. It might take some practice and conscious effort before you get used to singing in the right posture.

woman-breathing-for-singingLearn Proper Breathing

Singing well doesn’t only mean that you have to stand up straight and use your diaphragm effectively. There is also a need for you to learn proper breathing. By doing so, you will learn to control it and will consequently allow you to hold a note longer. Through proper breathing, you also reduce the chances of injuring your vocal chords or damaging your voice.

Use Scales

Singing scales is not only necessary during warm up. This is also the kind of training you can do when you are tired of singing the songs you are practicing on. You can take it as a break when you are tired of your current routine. Scales and arpeggios can give you a little break from your usual vocal training exercises.

Record your Singing

For some people, they find listening to the recordings of their singing practice very helpful. By listening to the recording, they will get an insight on what they sound like. It is easier to spot weaknesses on their singing skills when they listen to the recording.

It is imperative to know the different singing tips and techniques that will help you train your singing voice. Training would be easier and results would be seen faster with the right techniques. You’ll appreciate the singing lessons in the long run.