Are You Charging Too Low for Your Professional Singing Services?

How much should you charge for your professional singing services? It is a difficult question to answer because you call the shots for this one. Many times, you do not have the basis as to the range of how much you should charge. Should it be based on training, performance, schooling, clients, or awards received? These considerations are not easily quantifiable unless you join ‘The Voice’ and get to the semi-finals, and by then you can automatically increase your rate.

concert band on stageFrom whom do you have to base your rate? And when do you know that you are charging too much or too little for your services? These are difficult questions, but it is only you who can answer them.

treat your services as a businessIf you are charging too much, you will see that you are not having as many clients as you expect. Potential customers almost always back out when they know of your fees. And if you readily give out a contract without the customer finalizing, it can most likely scare off the client, and he/she may back off after the first email exchange.

If you are charging too little, you will realize that you are getting burnt out and exhausted, and your schedule is always full, yet can barely pay your rent and taxes. Sometimes you even say “no” to some events since you have just enough to get a cab to and from the area.

Charging too much and too low are both detrimental to your professional singing business. Having high fees will continue to stave off your potential client base, and having little costs can exhaust you and can have others devalue your work. So, it is crucial to have the right price for your talent, training, and work background. As mentioned, these elements are not easily measured, so you must look around to see what works for others.

It can be difficult to know the right price for your wedding band services.  In the UK, there’s a music union guide on how to fairly compensated. However, here are ways for you to get a good gauge if how much you are charging is too much, too little, or just enough. How would you know? Here are some tips to help you get a good assessment of your professional singing fees:

1. Where are you located?

singers should adjust fees in smaller townsIf you are in a big city, it is acceptable to charge more compared to singers living in the suburbs. However, that is where it gets tricky because people always want to go with those whom they can have bigger savings.

If you are a professional singer, there are no restrictions as to where you can perform. So, if you live in the suburbs and offer lower fees than performers residing in the city, clients may most likely book with you. But, you also have to include your transportation costs when giving a rate. It is a big mistake to simply estimate on your transportation because it can be a big blow to your budget. So, make sure you have all the other expenses included when giving your fee.

2. Are you better than all the other singers?

more exposure means you can charge higherBeing a performer means you have the confidence to do what you do. However, being overly confident without giving much thought about performance can be detrimental to your professional singing business. If you charge too much when you know other singers sound and perform better than you do, then you must pull down your pride. You must accept that you have to charge less, given that you are not as skilled as them just yet.

When the time comes that you have upgraded your skills, and you have seen that other people are now more appreciative of your work, then you can start charging more for your services. It takes time, though, so do not rush into hurriedly increasing your rates. It takes a while to gain people’s trust, so show your worth first.

You can quickly gauge if you are giving the right rate for your services by asking yourself these questions. It can be hit-and-miss at first, but you will eventually get the perfect price for your services that you know is right for what you can offer.

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